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As global leaders in our fields, we advise the world’s biggest organisations on their most ambitious and complex projects. Our progressive approach, trailblazing expertise in dispute resolution and corporate, and understanding of our clients set us apart. Today, we’re delivering advanced, award-winning work on matters that will shape the future of law.

Front and Centre


From the very start, you’ll be client-facing, gathering insights across diverse matters. You’ll be working in highly-specialised teams, equipped with the resources you’d expect from a market leader. You’ll be able to work collaboratively with colleagues and clients, bringing your unique insights to the table. With expertise across a wide variety of sectors, geographies and specialisms, our progressive approach differentiates us, driving better outcomes for our clients and the communities we serve.


Through our graduate program, you’ll work in different areas to identify where your particular skills lie. You’ll rotate through three distinct practice areas and be assigned a supervising partner for each rotation. During this time, you’ll gain unparalleled experience in advising some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations on their most critical transactions, disputes and projects.


"During my clerkship, I rotated into a team where another clerk and I were given the job of researching and putting together some details that were going to be handed out to a team of partners. This team were going to use the information to pitch the firm’s services to the government for a very well-known infrastructure project. My first thought was ‘are they seriously going to trust us with such an important task?’ I’m very glad I was given the opportunity. I learned a lot about how much I can actually do.”




We encourage you to challenge assumptions and open yourself up to new ideas. It’s this growth mindset that creates opportunities for you and your clients. So, what exactly are we looking for?

There’s no single path to becoming an exceptional commercial lawyer. We look beyond your academic record and your technical aptitude. We’re focused on finding people who have the curiosity to explore all the angles and the empathy to place themselves in their clients’ shoes. Building great relationships takes a certain understanding and as our global village gets ever smaller, we look for graduates who think of themselves as citizens of the world. 





“I think curiosity is a really important attribute for a lawyer. One of the things I think I would do if I were a new graduate is to be more curious – when all the information and opportunities are out there – to take things in and to really be open to the different ideas that can wash across you in your early years.”


Driving Change

We see tomorrow’s world differently to most  law firms.

Autonomous vehicles have been described by the New South Wales Transport Minister as one of the greatest changes in the history of mankind. But it’s not just the automotive sector that will undergo a period of rapid transformation. The applications of this technology are far-reaching and straddle a variety of different sectors including aerial, marine, public roads, private and public transportation, space, military, agriculture, mining and many others.

While this technology undoubtedly presents a wide range of business opportunities, the pace at which it is developing, combined with the evolving global regulatory landscape, poses a number of novel and challenging legal issues.

Herbert Smith Freehills has formed a global Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Group to advise clients on the various business and legal issues arising from the development and commercialisation of connected and autonomous driving technology.

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Pro bono
Pro bono

The Pro Bono Practice

Dive into the world of pro bono practice at Herbert Smith Freehills. Get a closer look at the fields we cover – from human rights to international development – and the positive impact we’re making today, around the world.

Pro bono & citizenship

Pro bono initiatives represent some of our most interesting and impactful projects, covering individuals, charities and national governments. Whether it’s a multi-jurisdictional pro bono legal matter, fundraising for a worthy cause, or improving our supply chain, you’ll have a wealth of opportunities to get involved in projects that mean something to you.

We treat pro bono as equal to billable client work: to find out more about our work in this area, case studies on our impact and our latest thinking visit our Pro Bono & Citizenship pages.

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