Our difference

Our culture is one of respect and inclusion. We care for our people and want them to enjoy balanced lifestyles that maximise professional potential. We place emphasis on community service contributions and fostering healthy camaraderie amongst our people. The collaboration, warmth and friendship our people experience as part of our Belfast team is what makes us stand out as an employer of choice.

Our ALT Belfast team is proud to have been recognised at the 2020 Legal Island NI Equality and Diversity Awards for "Best LGBT Initiative" and "Best Employer for Equality and Diversity in NI – Small Company".  We have 8 employee affinity networks who are the vibrant core of our culture, creating an inclusive atmosphere, and performing an influential, educational role through innovative events and initiatives.

“My unconventional route to HSF meant that I had a big transition to make, made easier when I realised that I was in a meritocratic and supportive environment where performance and culture were what mattered. I felt at home and that I could be myself.”
Lyn Harris, Partner

Employee wellbeing

We provide a nurturing and empowering environment, and one that recognises the importance of employee wellness. For example, we have introduced a Wellbeing Fund of £500 per year which can be claimed against a range of services and memberships as an alternative to the traditional gym membership benefit.

Flexible working

We are committed to exploring options for our teams to work in more flexible ways and we are currently asking everyone to work in the office a minimum of two days per week on average. You can choose to work from home or in the office on the other three days (subject to business need). We expect all Trainee Solicitor supervisors to prioritise face to face supervision for at least two days in the office to support their trainee's development and integration into the team. We also have an agile working arrangement where individuals are expected to work our core hours but can alter their start and finish times. These approaches to flexible working allow us to blend the best aspects of home and office-based working so we can maximise our focus and productivity, our collaboration, our work/life balance and our wellbeing.


Our committees and networks are a key way of engaging our people in our diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives.

GEM (Gender Equity Matters)

Our Gender Equity Matters Network (GEM) is designed to support the personal and professional career development of women in the workplace and promote gender equality. The network aims to connect and collaborate with colleagues, local communities and our clients on gender related initiatives.


Our IRIS Network (Inclusion Respecting Identity and Sexuality) supports our LGBT+ employees in the workplace and fosters an inclusive working culture. Colleagues and allies can connect, find support, and share information and ideas on how to improve LGBT+ visibility and inclusion for the Belfast office and across the firm.

Citizenship & Charities

Our Citizenship and Charities Network aims to give back to our local communities through volunteering and by fundraising, encouraging charitable giving in the workplace and raising awareness of our nominated charity of the year.


Our Sports Network promotes fitness and wellbeing through a range of initiatives including football, tennis and distance running.

Business Engagement & Leadership

Our Business Engagement & Leadership network encourages and inspires the leaders of tomorrow as well as developing relationships with the local business community.

Pro Bono

Our Pro Bono Network leads on our efforts to respond to a range of legal advice needs which exist in the communities and regions where we do business. Our pro bono initiatives focus on building the rule of law and social inclusion.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing network aims to promote and support an inclusive approach to mental health in our workplace. The network organises a range of initiatives and activities with a focus on challenging stigma, building openness and supporting our mental health and wellbeing.


The Family network addresses issues affecting parents, grandparents, guardians, carers of children and other carers.